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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pics of muraling from last week

Top left is Rafael and myself workin on a panel with a gardening box bookended by Praying mantises, which are "helper Bugs" in any organic garden, as they eat bad bugs like afids n' stuff!! The other panels you are seeing also have garden boxes, hands, plants, gardeners, clouds and more site specific images like a Veggie cart at the cross streets of Gough and Eddy! Also This spot is the old burnt out site of the St Paulus Church so the "steeples" you see are from images I found of the church, which burnt down in 1995 or 96. The people you see here are some of the same peeps in other pics, but there is me, Leanne C. Miller, Dan Stromberg, in the blk and red shist, Rafael, an old friend from SFAI, Paul Jimenez from SPAC, and the photographer is Alexa Rose Frazier Herron, also a friend from SFAI.
Let me know what you think. but keep in mind, I am working with ALL donated materials, but the brushes we are using are mine, amoung other things. The paint was all donated from ads on Craigslist. Except 3 pints of red, yellow and blue, that were mine. I also doing this for free. I work on it when I'm not at work and it's not raining. I will be working on it again come January. A few weeks off due to rain, sickness and holiday combination. It'll be mighty cold in January, but hopefully I can get out there and finish it up quickly! Come spring there will be the beginning of a fabulouse community garden and a mural too!!! Yeah!!
Leanne C. Miller

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Muraling in the freezing cold, but hey, it's still muraling!

Oh yes, It was a cold one today, the coldest so far! At 5:30 when we were all done for the day, I thought I had some sort of frost bite on my toes, being they were frozen and I couldnt even feel them! I rode my bike home, thought I'd get my blood flowing in the process, but nooooo, My toes didn't thaw for like an HR!!!
Otherwise, I have had some excellent help lately, mostly from fellow artists! Therefore this means they know what they are doing and do it well! I have to give a shout out to Rafael, an old friend from SFAI, Alexa Frasier Herron, also a buddy from SFAI, and up and coming film maker, check out her film collective Scary Cow, Dan Stromberg, and Paul Jimenez from San Pancho Art Collective. These people are so hard core that they painted with me all day, even in the 40 degree weather! I love the feeling of community I am getting lately!
Speaking of community, San Pancho Art Collective had its first ever fundraiser! Not sure how much we raised but it was so much fun! I was raffle girl, I tried to speak on stage but my voice didn't carry like Socratese! Our MC for da night and SPAC member, Persia on stage was on fire! Her voice carried us thru the raffle with ease and clarity!!! We raffled off all kinds of goodies, like origional art from nining Muir, and a live painting made right there in front of everyone by Eli Lippert from Precite Eyes Murals!!! It was a hit BTW!!! Every one wanted that piece! It was crazy!! I recommend next time we do this event, YOU SHOULD GO!!! We even did it up with free BBQ!!
Anyhow, Its been busy busy round here!! Come check out da mural at gouph and eddy, ya gotta check it out thru a chain link fence but it's lookin good, only have 2 panels left to start on, out of nine! I'm so proud of all us SF artists makin it happen!! I lost my camera, hopefully I will be able to start posting photos again, Santa are you listening!!! Ha! OK thanks for reading, have a great couple days until I can post again!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tonight at A bar....Dirty Thieves....

Art Show at Dirty Thieves, formerly known as Treat St. Bar, 24th and treat, south of Folsom St. 7:30pm-...well probably 2AM!! Come and see art, a group show, I have 3 pieces in it, there will also be sculpture and all kinds a stuff, drink specials ETc!!! Come on out, have fun and support!!
-Leanne C. Miller

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy week for Art in SF!

Wednesday I am de-install/ re-installing work at Pure Beauty. There has been a disappointing change of plans, due to circumstances out of my control, there will be no Haight st Art walk at Pure Beauty this month. I will be hanging different work than whats up right now, which was San Pancho Art collective. It comes down Wednesday, So see it if you can. Haight at Clayton! Then Sunday Dec 6th is San Pancho Art Collectives First fundraiser at El Rio on Mission st at Cesaer Chavez! This should be a very very fun gig, raffles and Bands, free BBQ! Come on out and support local artists! check out, or on facebook too for more details!!
-Leanne C. Miller

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

more pics from today!! Wed nov 25th 2009

Here are some not so hot pics from my cell phone! Todays progress! Not raining at least! Let me know what cha think!
-Leanne C. Miller

Muraling for

Here are some pics, the mural is going smoothly!! Gough and Eddy!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Urban share..rainout!!!

Yes, today was supposed to be a second full day of mural madness for urbanshare, but alas, rain came and rained on our parade. Two hours of working in contstant drizzle, and we finally said no more. BOO!!! Oh well, slow and steady wins the race!! This mural will be a lovely addition to the community garden, I am excited none the less. Check out their blog for the St. Paulus site, Gough and Eddy in SF, here's the link. I will post some pics one we finish a few panels!! Let me know if u wanna help!
-Leanne C. Miller

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Art work at DAVES BAR

Old and New work 2002-2009

Tonight TUESDAY, 6ish to 9ish, Daves Bar, 29 3rd street at market (almost).
I had only 2 days notice to hang the show, it's a bit part and parcel, but I have work from 2002, mostly aquatint prints, all the way to some very recent work, a piece finished just this year, and all kinds in between. There will be a few light snacks and alcohol of course, given ITS A BAR!!! haha. So come on down, even if u HATE art, but love drinks and peeps, then come out!!! It's all good....
Leanne C. Miller da Fanciemammal

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pure Beauty's Haight St. Art walk nov 2009

Come one, come all, To another night of fun at Pure Beauty on haight st, haight at Clayton!! San Pancho's first Group show together in the salon!! Not every one in San pancho was able to participate, but many of us did. about 8-10 artists work is up on the wall, bring friends, enjoy some refreshments. To see some of the artists work, go to Featured artists include:
Gina Contreras,
Leanne C. Miller
Chris Oropeza
Jin Chon
Gibrahn Flanders
Paul Jimenez
Ray Ortiz
Max Allbee
Vanessa Varela
Homero Hidalgo
Brian Perrin

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

111 minna sketch tuesdays

111 Minna makes "Sketch Tuesdays" happen,..last night was the 38th event of its kind. Curated by my very good buddy BKA ie: Brad K. Alder,,..Sketch Tuesdays was inspired by the " Monster Drawing Rally " from Southern Exposure. The former curator of sketch tues. was Sascha Eckes, who made very funny hip drawings, and an all around cool chic, but Sascha moved away to I forget where, like Brazil or something I think, any way, she passed the tourch on to 111Minna slave, Brad K. Alder, and for the past, I'd say 2 years or so, Brad's been pulling in big names such as Henry Gundersen and Jeremy Fish, just to name a few. Along side such " emerging" artists, (if you can even call me that) as my self. I have been to many sketch Tuesdays and always have a blast, sometimes I am at the table with the big hitters, sometimes I just bring my sketch book, sometimes I take a night off and just look, buy cheap art and drink. GOOD TIMES!!!
Last night I was at the big table, I made 3 drawings and sold 2 outta 3, not bad! The art critic Ron Turner bought my first one, he usually does, nice guy, usually gets me a beer too, love that! {Ron Turner}. A regular lady and her husband bought the other one, it had an owl in it, people love owls these days, If I made 10 owl drawings I bet they'd all sell...Owls are "in" right now..haha. But anyway here is a list of a few other peeps that were featured in sketch tuesdays...Just incase it inspires you to be around some of your favorite artists, check out this Fecal Face link too, they are usually there taking pics, I am in a bunch in this one, FUN!! check fecal face in the future for more sketch tuesdays, usually the last tuesday of the month I believe..
Artists: Josh Ellingson, Dennis Mc Nulty (love him), Jesse Balmer, Helen Bayly, (my fellow mural painter), Manuel Ocampo, DAVe, Erik Parra and many many more!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last nights Mural launch, Oct 23rd 2009

Last night was a blast, thank you to everyone who could make it out! There was art, music, and dance, and I got a pic taken with the mayor! good times, good times!!! Our mural got a pic on the front of the "bay area" section of the Chronicle, check that out, you can also see it online at You can also find a little video about Art in store fronts and a one second glimpse of a piece of the mural at So that all said, please enjoy some pics, but most important, go and see it in person, along w all the other fabulouse art installations along market and the TL. !!! Thank you again!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Almost finished Mural, Wed. Oct 21st...Super awesome

Yes, Super Awesome....super super awesome!!! So many peeps showing up and helping out, almost randomly! A few people were scheduled some were just drop in's, but either way, I am impressed!
Pear Art Store showed much love again. let us use their ladder, their drill, their epoxy...they just keep helpin on stop!!! I LOVE PEARL!! People walking by loved it, and most were very supportive. There are always the few grumps, or nay sayers, even the deer we put up just yesterday had damage to it this morning, but nothing some wood glue staples and nails can't fix. Graffiti is also inevitable...but it's o.k.,... it's all worth it, even if we gotta go back and fix it up from time to time! We more or less finished it today, but may add some clouds tomorrow, there is a lot of empty space. Thank you San Pancho Art Collective, Paul showed up and helped clean up some messy parts we had goin on, and helped hammer and screw in some parts, Brad K Alder from 111 Minna, and just a long time buddy,.. came out and brought a drill, helped secure the wood cut out animals to the wall and we all had a beer afterwards..good times!!! I and Helen will also be in Sketch tuesdays again at 111 minna tuesday, so please come out and support, and don't forget the mural/sfac art in storefronts opening friday night 5-7pm, central market, 6th and market!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long day of exaustive, awesome muraling...oct. 20th 2009

Hi all, Today was a great day of Muraling!!! Sunday Helen and I went out and did some out lines of buildings on the space at 6th and market next to Pearl Art. By the way, Pearl has always been my favorite art store in all of SF, but now I have a renewed love and respect. They have helped us from the beginning!! They let us borrow their ladder, and store our paint in their back room, and have just been so nice, come out to talk and all kinds of good stuff!!! Much love to Pearl, and their prices are good too!!! If you can, give em' a good yelp or something!!! Such positive supporters of art!!! and artists!!
Speaking of awesome support, Jin and Ray from San Pancho Art Collective came out today, they helped paint with rollers, and use Jins car, ..they helped detail and clean up the images, they were so great, supportive and awesome! I can't thank them enough, and great artists too! We got a lot done, although we had a crazy young gutter punk type say he was going to "F#$k up" our mural when we were done... Hopefully he was just mean and didn't mean it...I can't imagine what he could possibly have against our Native plants and animals of the Bay Area, I mean, who doesn't want to "Find Themselves in Nautral History"...haha!!! Thats the name of the piece, " Find yourself in natural history.". So check out the piece as of today, and BTW, thanks to all those who also came out and just said hi!!! We love love love to say hi to everyone who comes by, Marty, Brad, Micheal, ETC... u know who you are!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

mural photos

Me and Helen working on huge wooden cut outs of the natural flora and fauna. The fox that I am working on in one of the photos it ten feet long! wow....It took me all day to paint it too...We were outside cause it was nice out, but the fog rolled in the next day and had to take it in side!! So far everything is looking great..right on schedule. Now that it looks like we are going to finish on time, we need to get people out to the opening Oct 23rd, friday 5-7pm!!! Super awesome!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Akira Beard show at shooting gallery

Akira Beard who recently put his work up at Pure Beauty is doing it again, but this time its at the super awesome and super cool Shooting Gallery, 839 Larkin st SF!! His work is super fantastic! Saturday Oct. 10th 2009, 7-11pm. Come out and support some art, get some drinks, brave the cold.etc etc... check him out at, OR, OR OR OR, OR folks, He's awesome, and a BIG DEAL!!! His work is whitty, beautiful, full of maddening detail, political, social...and sometimes he likes to push buttons. I have a piece of his called "AMerican Trash", It has Hulk Hogan ripping off his clothes and looking crazy..If your not convinced, just GOOGLE HIM!!!
Thanks kids!!!
Oh Yeah, The next Art walk on haight st will be on the first friday of november featuring San Pancho Art Collective!!! check out our blog too!!!
Thanks again!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mural progress finally!!

Hi everybody,

We officially started on the mural yesterday, not just doing paperwork and buying supplies, but we got wood, carried it home, drew and cut the wood panels out for it. As I mentioned before We are applying wood cut outs to the wall where the mural space is. The Natural flora and fauna, being anywhere from 3 ft tall to ten feet long, are drawn and cut out, thanks to my good buddy Marko from Euro Construction and his trusty jigsaw. Today we are priming all of the cut outs and hopefully wednesday we will be painting them in color!!! We accept donations of house paint and such, lots of natural colors, greens, browns etc...If ya have any, please share! Well, I will post some photos soon of progress too!! Probably this weekend! YEAH!! We Will be installing the 19th-22nd, so If you can help, please do!!! Send an e-mail, leave a message!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Evergold gallery thursday Von Doom

If you like Metal, you'll like this..especially if you like art too!! International art meets metal show
check it out please...


Ok, update for Pure Beauty on Haight st ARt Walk for Friday October 2nd. Please check this out! This guy has been written up in Magazines like Juxtapose Etc....He will be live painting and it will be packed and tons a fun!! Check out his Myspace, flicker or make friends on face book and see what he does! 6-9 pm!!! ,,

Monday, September 28, 2009

Haight St Art Walk October!!

Haight Street Art Walk is changing from last Fridays to first Fridays!!! October 2nd, coming up here this week is the next one! I have a guest Curator, Jessica Merget, also the assistant manager at Pure Beauty. Her buddy " Jason" a very cool artist will be showing, he uses diverse techniques from your basic acrylic paints to spray paint and other awesome styles. He also has done many many live painting demonstrations for big galleries such as 111 Minna gallery and many more. It is going to be a great and exciting show, lots of people will come out for sure! Be a part of the Haight St Art Walk, support the street and its small businesses, and come see ME!!!
Pure Beauty Salon
1760 Haight st ( Haight at Clayton)
Free wine and nibbles
super cool hip art...for your consumption!

Contract Signed!!

Yes people, we have finally signed the contracts and are beginning the exciting process of beginning a mural. At first we are going to purchase supplies like wood and paint Etc...We are using wood for the animals and plants in the mural, will paint the "characters", and cut them out and then "install" (probably drill) the pieces on to the actual wall its self that will have a city scape painted on it. This is going to be very fun and exciting!! If you want to help, leave a message. Install week will be 19-22 nd of October. Until then Myself and Helen Bayly will be working at another location (our backyards and art studio) working on the wood pieces mentioned above. For more information go to If you are curious, the spot is at 6 th and market, Right to the Left of Pearl Art store, YEP that huge 110 ft long gray wall, that used to be the old St Francis Theatre.
Also, please come out for the Opening party Oct 23rd! 5-7pm!!! Feel free to leave comments on here, pics and more updates will come as we make progress!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sketches for said mural...

The very long sketch is a " to scale" drawing of the basic look of the over all 120 ft mural. The shorter one was the first sketch, which was sent in to the original SFAC proposal. The Hawk is going to be one of the characters, this one was drawn by Helen Bayly, my comrade in this endeavor. The building ornament sketch is sideways, but it is drawn by me, and will be about 9ft by 5ft. They are on the actual building that this mural will be on. ( If it ever happens). These will " bookend" the mural.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SFAC Mural progress

The mural is in limbo ,but will be coming into fruition soon. We started and it got painted over, boo!! Ohwell. The owner of the building who lives in another state hasn't signed the paper work yet, I wish the woman would have mentioned that, but oh well. We are starting now sometime next week. It has to be done by October 22nd or 23rd, and we will be having an opening party too on market street! More information to come!
-Leanne C. Miller

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hi all, this is a very bust month for me, no ARt stroll this month because Myself and my friend Helen Bayly got the SFAC and Triple base gallery art in store fronts commission. We got a mural space actually, next to Pearl Arts at 6th and market st. I am very excited and anyone who can help install wed. Spt 30th is welcome, please gimme a call if you can! Thanks for your support, donations of brushes, paint and paint rollers are accepted and appreciated. Please leave a comment, thank you!!!
-Leanne C. Miller

Thursday, September 3, 2009

art and life

Well Last friday at Pure Beauty on Haight St we had a soso turn out until 8:30pm, So thanks to all of you who made it out, what a beautiful night it was huh! hot hot hot!! Alex sold a few pieces, and we went for a few afterwards, it was fun and people got to see his "b-sides" collection.
On a personal note, Myself and my friend Helen Bayly were accepted by San Francisco Arts Commission "art in store fronts" and we will be making art or doing a mural on Market between 6th and 9th. It has to be done by oct 1st, so we will be very very busy this month!
So, I may not post as much this month except for pics on progress about the mural/ store front. Please feel free to give feed back or give a donation of brushes or paint! I have also had a serious personal set back today but forward is the only direction I can go from here, So onward!
Also, there is an art show at 111 minna tomorrow, thursday sept. 3rd, My friend and comrade is in it, Helen Bayly and Akira Beard, also there will be well known artists such as Sam Flores and all those types. Come on out for fun and drinks, support these artists.
thanks, see you soon

Friday, August 21, 2009

Arts shows on 8/28/2009 friday!

Hello everyone,
It's about that time!!! In one week, friday night, it will be Haight st art walk! Alex Braubach of the "Evergold gallery" ( fame will be showing his work. I am excited about this show of new works, it is a diverse array of dazzaling pieces! There will be water color, mixed media, collage etc!!! Total art extrordinaire madness! Please come out 7-9 pm, Pure Beauty Haight st, 1560 haight sf @ clayton, 415-552-9697.
Also that night the 28th is " Breaking the 4th wall" at the Mission Cultural center 6pm to 11pm, mission between 24th and 25th. Christo Oropeza, Manager of San Pancho Art COllective, he will be having some of his newest works up and for sale, water colors, many pieces, aroung ten I believe!! Good times kids, come on out!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pirat cat after math!

Wow, that was great!!
Chris Ororpeza and I from San Pancho Art collective were talking about haight st art walk and san pancho tonight, fo all to hear!!! please give it a listen....You have to listen to about 20- 30 minutes of the "league of pissed off voters " radio, but its super interesting and activist, them come us about 20 minutes... good stuff kids, fo' real!!!!!!!!!
pirate cat radio, pod cast 89.7fm, and online...get it!!!
Leanne C. Miller da fancie mammal

Thursday, August 13, 2009

SanPancho Art collective, and Pirate cat radio!!!

Pirate Cat Radio 87.9fm
Hi everyone,
San Pancho Art Collective will be on Pirate Cat radio tomorrow at 6:30 pm, 87.9 fm!! Please listen and pass it on!!! I will be speaking myself as well as chris the manager and some others!!! Thanks!!
-Leanne da fancie mammal

Pandora poster contest

To all my artist friends, check out this contest! If I have time I will deffinately try.....great exposure if you get picked!
-Leanne da fancie mammal

A message to SFAI alumni from the Creative Director at Pandora:We are excited to announce the launch of the third annual Pandora Poster Contest. There is a $500 prize. Information on the contest can be found at At Pandora, we treasure great design and artwork. Once again we are looking for your talent and vision and we are very excited to see what our listeners come up with this year.Sharing your creative imagination will help us to support youth music education around the world. The winning designs will be turned into limited edition posters that will be given as a gift to people who donate 10 dollars or more to our GlobalGiving philanthropy projects. We gave away thousands of posters last year and with your help, we hope to significantly increase that number this year!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

all pst shows at pure beauty

1. Leanne C Miller
oil paintings and sketches
soon to come,

2. Gina Contreras

3. Akira Beard
drawings paintings
"Affordable art for all Americans"
check out an interview with him at:

4. The Artists of Warlock tatoo SF.

Next to come, Alex Braubach
thanks, hope to see you all there
-Leanne C. Miller, da Fancie Mammal

Haight street art walk aug 2009

Hi there everybody, Haight st art walk is peedering out a little, but us at pure beauty salon on haight st is still going strong!! We have had some amazing shows, Akira Beard, check him out on his flicker page, me. Leanne C. Miller, check me and my art collective out at san pancho art, also we have a special show from the artists at Warlock tattoo here in sf! This show will be up till the last week in august. Pure beauty is open 11-7, everyday, except sunday we close at 6pm. Come in anytime and go up to the salon and check out some art work!!
Next show:
Alex Braubach
{ of the "Evergold' gallery fame on O'farrell st!}
August 28th 2009
Pure Beauty salon
1560 haight st @ clayton
sf, 94117
food and drink available!!! mmmmmmmyummy

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new blog, lets see if i actually use it

and if people actually read it.

I am an artist, and came here to find a blog i wanted to read and ended up doing this. I also did something today i have rarely ever done before, i jogged around the block. What an exciting day...I hope to be able to jog for 4 miles every day like my friend Bob.

But I wish for a lot of things, like working full time on my paintings and general artist lifestyle, going to openings, having my own, running a successful gallery, maybe helping people in the midst, like bringing art to schools that have cut out art in their curriculum to save money, booooo! But for now i am curating at Pure Beauty Salon on Haight st. for the new monthly Haight st. art walk. Also working at a museum, and reception at the above named salon. This month is an artist named Gina Contreras. She is a printmaker from SFAI, the college I graduated from. Her work is very professional and clean, heartfelt, delicate. Sort of like her personality, quiet, but full of detail and content. Her work has a wall paper pattern aestetic, with lovely and humerouse depictions of the elderly holding hands, or walking on the beach, in pastel or muted color.
Come check it out on friday may 29th, 1560 haight st, haight at clayton, 6-9pm. The Haight St art walk has the stores doing sales and discounts for that night only, some free gifts and of course art, there are even bands!!!!!!!!!!!!