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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gregory Lindquist mural at Tucson Museum of Art, Nov 2012- March 2013

I recently had the opportunity to help a talented and established artist, Gregory Lindquist, paint this mural for "Broken Desert" at the Tucson Museum of Art. He flew out from Brooklyn the week of Hurricane sandy, left the Chaos behind, to show his work, visit his Mom, Make new friends and show his paintings of landscape.
Gregs process for this mural is projecting parts of the image he reconstructed from a photo in photoshop one layer at a time to create the disjointed landscape. This image is of a distorted, slightly digitized picture of a copper strip mine, called the Lavender Mine south of Tuscon here in Bisbee Arizona.
You can see my name here, I helped Saturday and Sunday, totally worth it and fun. Greg is a very intelligent and informed artist. Having the opportunity to work with him was a pleasure and he is great to talk to about contemporary art.
Mr. Lindquists final piece, with a painting as a final touch. It was a great show. Its up till March 3rd on the U of A campus at the Tucson Museum of Art.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Newest painting and status update June 2012

This is my last painting, "Family Restraints", {painted a few months ago due to the loss of an art studio}....I have been making drawings though. I'm planning and thinking and scheeming about what my new paintings will be when school at U of A Tucson (where I have received a fellowship) begins the day before my birthday August 22nd. I would love to post the new ideas but I feel like I should keep the drawings to my self and stew on them and let them grow, posting them would somehow solidify them in my mind, and I like the fluidity and the opportunity for fluidity at the moment. 
      I have made some big moves in my life lately, I moved from my beloved home in San Francisco, leaving my friends that are nearly as close as family behind. I also sold most of my paintings at dirt cheap prices to good friends during a fund raiser for myself to get me here to Arizona. Being from Arizona, there is a sense of returning home but after 12 years in San Francisco It was a difficult move to make. I'm coming home to many challenges, strained family relations, hence the above painting, an ailing grandmother who may pass away within days of my arrival, money, apartment, etc etc..But I am up for the challenges, I am determined to turn everything into lemonade, and roll with the punches as far as challenges I cannot control. I look forward to U of A, healing relationships, discovering the little art scenes out here and hiking in the beautiful desert landscapes, and making myself an even better stronger, kinder and even more driven person, I accept  the obstacles ahead and await their resolution. All the positive feeling sent to my Grandmother Gerty would be appreciated. Love and positivity to all. 
-Leanne C. Miller da Fancie Mammal