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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pics of muraling from last week

Top left is Rafael and myself workin on a panel with a gardening box bookended by Praying mantises, which are "helper Bugs" in any organic garden, as they eat bad bugs like afids n' stuff!! The other panels you are seeing also have garden boxes, hands, plants, gardeners, clouds and more site specific images like a Veggie cart at the cross streets of Gough and Eddy! Also This spot is the old burnt out site of the St Paulus Church so the "steeples" you see are from images I found of the church, which burnt down in 1995 or 96. The people you see here are some of the same peeps in other pics, but there is me, Leanne C. Miller, Dan Stromberg, in the blk and red shist, Rafael, an old friend from SFAI, Paul Jimenez from SPAC, and the photographer is Alexa Rose Frazier Herron, also a friend from SFAI.
Let me know what you think. but keep in mind, I am working with ALL donated materials, but the brushes we are using are mine, amoung other things. The paint was all donated from ads on Craigslist. Except 3 pints of red, yellow and blue, that were mine. I also doing this for free. I work on it when I'm not at work and it's not raining. I will be working on it again come January. A few weeks off due to rain, sickness and holiday combination. It'll be mighty cold in January, but hopefully I can get out there and finish it up quickly! Come spring there will be the beginning of a fabulouse community garden and a mural too!!! Yeah!!
Leanne C. Miller

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Muraling in the freezing cold, but hey, it's still muraling!

Oh yes, It was a cold one today, the coldest so far! At 5:30 when we were all done for the day, I thought I had some sort of frost bite on my toes, being they were frozen and I couldnt even feel them! I rode my bike home, thought I'd get my blood flowing in the process, but nooooo, My toes didn't thaw for like an HR!!!
Otherwise, I have had some excellent help lately, mostly from fellow artists! Therefore this means they know what they are doing and do it well! I have to give a shout out to Rafael, an old friend from SFAI, Alexa Frasier Herron, also a buddy from SFAI, and up and coming film maker, check out her film collective Scary Cow, Dan Stromberg, and Paul Jimenez from San Pancho Art Collective. These people are so hard core that they painted with me all day, even in the 40 degree weather! I love the feeling of community I am getting lately!
Speaking of community, San Pancho Art Collective had its first ever fundraiser! Not sure how much we raised but it was so much fun! I was raffle girl, I tried to speak on stage but my voice didn't carry like Socratese! Our MC for da night and SPAC member, Persia on stage was on fire! Her voice carried us thru the raffle with ease and clarity!!! We raffled off all kinds of goodies, like origional art from nining Muir, and a live painting made right there in front of everyone by Eli Lippert from Precite Eyes Murals!!! It was a hit BTW!!! Every one wanted that piece! It was crazy!! I recommend next time we do this event, YOU SHOULD GO!!! We even did it up with free BBQ!!
Anyhow, Its been busy busy round here!! Come check out da mural at gouph and eddy, ya gotta check it out thru a chain link fence but it's lookin good, only have 2 panels left to start on, out of nine! I'm so proud of all us SF artists makin it happen!! I lost my camera, hopefully I will be able to start posting photos again, Santa are you listening!!! Ha! OK thanks for reading, have a great couple days until I can post again!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tonight at A bar....Dirty Thieves....

Art Show at Dirty Thieves, formerly known as Treat St. Bar, 24th and treat, south of Folsom St. 7:30pm-...well probably 2AM!! Come and see art, a group show, I have 3 pieces in it, there will also be sculpture and all kinds a stuff, drink specials ETc!!! Come on out, have fun and support!!
-Leanne C. Miller