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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Evergold gallery thursday Von Doom

If you like Metal, you'll like this..especially if you like art too!! International art meets metal show
check it out please...


Ok, update for Pure Beauty on Haight st ARt Walk for Friday October 2nd. Please check this out! This guy has been written up in Magazines like Juxtapose Etc....He will be live painting and it will be packed and tons a fun!! Check out his Myspace, flicker or make friends on face book and see what he does! 6-9 pm!!! ,,

Monday, September 28, 2009

Haight St Art Walk October!!

Haight Street Art Walk is changing from last Fridays to first Fridays!!! October 2nd, coming up here this week is the next one! I have a guest Curator, Jessica Merget, also the assistant manager at Pure Beauty. Her buddy " Jason" a very cool artist will be showing, he uses diverse techniques from your basic acrylic paints to spray paint and other awesome styles. He also has done many many live painting demonstrations for big galleries such as 111 Minna gallery and many more. It is going to be a great and exciting show, lots of people will come out for sure! Be a part of the Haight St Art Walk, support the street and its small businesses, and come see ME!!!
Pure Beauty Salon
1760 Haight st ( Haight at Clayton)
Free wine and nibbles
super cool hip art...for your consumption!

Contract Signed!!

Yes people, we have finally signed the contracts and are beginning the exciting process of beginning a mural. At first we are going to purchase supplies like wood and paint Etc...We are using wood for the animals and plants in the mural, will paint the "characters", and cut them out and then "install" (probably drill) the pieces on to the actual wall its self that will have a city scape painted on it. This is going to be very fun and exciting!! If you want to help, leave a message. Install week will be 19-22 nd of October. Until then Myself and Helen Bayly will be working at another location (our backyards and art studio) working on the wood pieces mentioned above. For more information go to If you are curious, the spot is at 6 th and market, Right to the Left of Pearl Art store, YEP that huge 110 ft long gray wall, that used to be the old St Francis Theatre.
Also, please come out for the Opening party Oct 23rd! 5-7pm!!! Feel free to leave comments on here, pics and more updates will come as we make progress!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sketches for said mural...

The very long sketch is a " to scale" drawing of the basic look of the over all 120 ft mural. The shorter one was the first sketch, which was sent in to the original SFAC proposal. The Hawk is going to be one of the characters, this one was drawn by Helen Bayly, my comrade in this endeavor. The building ornament sketch is sideways, but it is drawn by me, and will be about 9ft by 5ft. They are on the actual building that this mural will be on. ( If it ever happens). These will " bookend" the mural.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SFAC Mural progress

The mural is in limbo ,but will be coming into fruition soon. We started and it got painted over, boo!! Ohwell. The owner of the building who lives in another state hasn't signed the paper work yet, I wish the woman would have mentioned that, but oh well. We are starting now sometime next week. It has to be done by October 22nd or 23rd, and we will be having an opening party too on market street! More information to come!
-Leanne C. Miller

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hi all, this is a very bust month for me, no ARt stroll this month because Myself and my friend Helen Bayly got the SFAC and Triple base gallery art in store fronts commission. We got a mural space actually, next to Pearl Arts at 6th and market st. I am very excited and anyone who can help install wed. Spt 30th is welcome, please gimme a call if you can! Thanks for your support, donations of brushes, paint and paint rollers are accepted and appreciated. Please leave a comment, thank you!!!
-Leanne C. Miller

Thursday, September 3, 2009

art and life

Well Last friday at Pure Beauty on Haight St we had a soso turn out until 8:30pm, So thanks to all of you who made it out, what a beautiful night it was huh! hot hot hot!! Alex sold a few pieces, and we went for a few afterwards, it was fun and people got to see his "b-sides" collection.
On a personal note, Myself and my friend Helen Bayly were accepted by San Francisco Arts Commission "art in store fronts" and we will be making art or doing a mural on Market between 6th and 9th. It has to be done by oct 1st, so we will be very very busy this month!
So, I may not post as much this month except for pics on progress about the mural/ store front. Please feel free to give feed back or give a donation of brushes or paint! I have also had a serious personal set back today but forward is the only direction I can go from here, So onward!
Also, there is an art show at 111 minna tomorrow, thursday sept. 3rd, My friend and comrade is in it, Helen Bayly and Akira Beard, also there will be well known artists such as Sam Flores and all those types. Come on out for fun and drinks, support these artists.
thanks, see you soon