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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy week for Art in SF!

Wednesday I am de-install/ re-installing work at Pure Beauty. There has been a disappointing change of plans, due to circumstances out of my control, there will be no Haight st Art walk at Pure Beauty this month. I will be hanging different work than whats up right now, which was San Pancho Art collective. It comes down Wednesday, So see it if you can. Haight at Clayton! Then Sunday Dec 6th is San Pancho Art Collectives First fundraiser at El Rio on Mission st at Cesaer Chavez! This should be a very very fun gig, raffles and Bands, free BBQ! Come on out and support local artists! check out, or on facebook too for more details!!
-Leanne C. Miller

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

more pics from today!! Wed nov 25th 2009

Here are some not so hot pics from my cell phone! Todays progress! Not raining at least! Let me know what cha think!
-Leanne C. Miller

Muraling for

Here are some pics, the mural is going smoothly!! Gough and Eddy!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Urban share..rainout!!!

Yes, today was supposed to be a second full day of mural madness for urbanshare, but alas, rain came and rained on our parade. Two hours of working in contstant drizzle, and we finally said no more. BOO!!! Oh well, slow and steady wins the race!! This mural will be a lovely addition to the community garden, I am excited none the less. Check out their blog for the St. Paulus site, Gough and Eddy in SF, here's the link. I will post some pics one we finish a few panels!! Let me know if u wanna help!
-Leanne C. Miller

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Art work at DAVES BAR

Old and New work 2002-2009

Tonight TUESDAY, 6ish to 9ish, Daves Bar, 29 3rd street at market (almost).
I had only 2 days notice to hang the show, it's a bit part and parcel, but I have work from 2002, mostly aquatint prints, all the way to some very recent work, a piece finished just this year, and all kinds in between. There will be a few light snacks and alcohol of course, given ITS A BAR!!! haha. So come on down, even if u HATE art, but love drinks and peeps, then come out!!! It's all good....
Leanne C. Miller da Fanciemammal

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pure Beauty's Haight St. Art walk nov 2009

Come one, come all, To another night of fun at Pure Beauty on haight st, haight at Clayton!! San Pancho's first Group show together in the salon!! Not every one in San pancho was able to participate, but many of us did. about 8-10 artists work is up on the wall, bring friends, enjoy some refreshments. To see some of the artists work, go to Featured artists include:
Gina Contreras,
Leanne C. Miller
Chris Oropeza
Jin Chon
Gibrahn Flanders
Paul Jimenez
Ray Ortiz
Max Allbee
Vanessa Varela
Homero Hidalgo
Brian Perrin