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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I am making and selling jewelry and holiday cards at the staff craft fair at the SFMOMA Dec 15th, here are some pics of merch. Come by and see me, although I may be in Arizona due to a family tragedy. Hopefully someone will sell my merch for me that day...I have invested A LOT of time and money...
    These are not all there are, but a few that will be available. A few necklaces, mostly earrings, not all are feathered BTW. I also have homemade holiday cards, hand watercolored, very cute. 12-2 pm Dec. 15th, SFMOMA in the Schwab room, to the right of the atrium.
Leanne fanciemammal

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Roam" by Amelia Konow at Pure Beauty Salon June 2011

I am sad to announce that this Friday June 3rd will be the last First Friday show at Pure Beauty on haight street. But on the other hand, I am proud to have Amelia Konow's Photographs in "Roam".
Friday June 3rd 2011, "Roam" by Amelia Konow
6-9pm, snacks and refreshment will be served as always, and please feel free to BYOB if 2buck chuck doesnt suit your taste.
Amelia describes this show as:
In the past three years I have moved across America twice and traveled to Turkey, Holland, France and Panama. While on these trips I carried my Poloroid camera with me, to capture landscapes and abstract compositions. My surroundings were constantly changing and each place was a new experience seen with fresh eyes. The plane and car rides in between always left me drifting off and daydreaming about my adventures, often while watching the clouds. Between the towns and the various citites I traversed the only thing that stayed the same was that everything was guaranteed to change. Roam is the story of my journey - not just the places in between.
-Amelia Konow
Thank you for reading this blog, hopefully a new opportunity will present it's self to me and I will be able to keep curating somewhere. It has been a wonderful opportunity to show my friends art and help artists to have their first solo shows. But maybe it's my turn to have the art shows. Maybe I will find time to paint more, and perfect my craft. I just don't know where I am going artistically, but I know I have an apartment full of art work, and a head full of ideas. Hopefully some of them are good enough to make me stand out in some way.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Hello Dollface" Work by Marla Verdugo, at Pure Beauty Salon

Marla Verdugo's Vintage inspired photography is a lovely display of a Labor of Love. Marla not only takes the photographs does all the styling , hair and makeup as well as photoshop all herself.
Pure Beauty is proud to announce Marla Verdugo's first solo photography show. Friday April 29th 6-8pm. If you like her work this is a perfect opportunity to meet the artist as she is based out of southern California, although Marla travels all over California to work in photo shoots for anything from Cheerleaders to high end magazine quality shoots.
What Marla Says about her work:
"I am an artist at heart, and have always been a junkie for it,, life, beauty and fashion. I always embrace the messy, akward and out of place, which I see as the beauty with in it all. My vintage inspired photography was inspired by my love of vintage films, cars, and music of the 1920's to 1960's, old family photographs and of course, my obsession with red lipstick. I love dolling up all types of people and placeing them in another world that I see in my mind and showing them for all to see, which makes me happy!"

For more information please go to, or Marla also has a fan page on facebook! become a fan and support her love of art, love life, and everything vintage!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Almost done with mural at "Bite Me' sandwiches, 17th and so. Vanness

Below, you'll see the origional drawing for "Bite Me" sandwiches mural, although side ways.
the "Bite Me" logo, also not finished in this photo. More info below.

Davey helped a little when I was too tired to reach, or just too short.

I have been trying to finnish a mural for my buddy Issacs Sandwich shop this month ( and last), but it's hard when I am on my tip toes on a ladder. I had scaffolding for a few days, but it wasn't mine, so now it's back to ladder status. Hopefully today is the last time I have to do this. It's turned out cool, here are some pics, I'll update when it's officially done! maybe tonight.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adam Donnelly at pure Beauty salon on haight st. march 4th 2011

We had a great turn out and a great time, thanks to all who came!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adam Donnelly at pure Beauty salon on haight st.

I am please to announce that the photographer Adam Donnelly will be showing at Pure Beauty Salon on Haight street Friday March 4th 6-8pm. Refreshments and booze will be served, if you do not prefer the delicate flavors of 2 buk chuk, then be proactive and BYOB. As you may well know, PB is at 1560 haight st, at Clayton st, the gallery is located in the salon above the store.
Adam says his work is about transitions, as in his own life, he has moved thirteen times, most recently from Boston, to San Francisco, each time he documents a new "home", he is trying to capture what he has established for himself, new friends, roots, familiarities. He chooses to hand hold the camera which for him best describes " quick ,fleeting, experimental moments, which coincides with the constantly moving transitional periods in my own life".
For his full artist statement see the posting on the Fecal Face website in the calendar postings for March 4th. Hope to see you all there!
-Leanne C. Miller da Fancie Mammal

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"And It Felt Like a Kiss" 2011 at the Incline Gallery

Leah Brawley, Gina Contreras, and Nora Aogi at the Incline Gallery, run by San Pancho Art Collective, (SPAC)'s opening "And it Felt Like A Kiss" , feb 11th 2011. Murals, paintings and drawings from some talented artists! All the work was clean and illustrative, their color choices coincided beautifully as did their concepts. There was a great crowd as you will see in the photos below, enjoy! and if you haven't gone, go, it's well worth your time. They sold some work too! So proud of those lovely ladies!