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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gregory Lindquist mural at Tucson Museum of Art, Nov 2012- March 2013

I recently had the opportunity to help a talented and established artist, Gregory Lindquist, paint this mural for "Broken Desert" at the Tucson Museum of Art. He flew out from Brooklyn the week of Hurricane sandy, left the Chaos behind, to show his work, visit his Mom, Make new friends and show his paintings of landscape.
Gregs process for this mural is projecting parts of the image he reconstructed from a photo in photoshop one layer at a time to create the disjointed landscape. This image is of a distorted, slightly digitized picture of a copper strip mine, called the Lavender Mine south of Tuscon here in Bisbee Arizona.
You can see my name here, I helped Saturday and Sunday, totally worth it and fun. Greg is a very intelligent and informed artist. Having the opportunity to work with him was a pleasure and he is great to talk to about contemporary art.
Mr. Lindquists final piece, with a painting as a final touch. It was a great show. Its up till March 3rd on the U of A campus at the Tucson Museum of Art.