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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today was a fixer-uper, someone tagged the deer last week. Part of the contract is that we keep it cleaned I went, with a cold and all to clean it up. From afar it's fine, but up close it's a little murky, I did'nt have any paint left from the original cans, so it was a bit of a random mixing frenzy, but not too bad! The funny thing is that the whole wall is gray, it was designed in part to work with the nature of the area it's in, ie: plenty of space to tag with out ruining the plants and animals!!! But that's o.k., I knew it would happen and am thrilled that two tags in 4 months ain't bad!!! As far as other art news goes, The Urban Share Mural, given if there is no rain and I'm not too ill,.. will hopefully be finished this week!! Yeah!! Ok., thats all for now...
Leanne C. Miller

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

cool panoramic photos of SFAC mural 2009

Christo from San Pancho Art Collective hooked me up with a dude who took these pics for me. soooo AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

and it goes, onandonandonandon!!!! 01/11/2010

Yesterday was all about details, some shading, cleaning up lines...putting little shines on the lady bug wings....just a few hours out there, had other stuff to do, but an other wise productive bit of time....
The top right are huge potatoes growing out of the ground, when all is done there will be wood cut outs "growing" out of the top as a plant. As if the mural goes beyond the box. it's painted in! And here above is a "happy little squash", as Bob Ross would say. I think you can tell from that picture you can see the textures I am dealing with, it's very difficult to paint on this surface with out it having that.."crayon" effect. I have to thin out the paint and paint each thing 2 or 3 times sometimes just to fill in all the cracks and dots that don't get paint in them. It's a lot of work to be doing for free. But it's a good cause, their garden is really coming along, they installed wall plots over an area of the wall that was chronically being graffitied over, took care of that!! See their progress at or! Thanks for checkin this out!! Don't know when I'll find time to be out again, but I hope it's soonder than later!!
-Leanne C. Miller, fanciemammal

Monday, January 4, 2010

01-04-2010 St. Paulus Muraling/ Studio Visit Magazine

Well, the holidays are over, and I'm trying to get back to normal!!! Looks like the day jobs are going to be keeping me busy, too busy, so busy that I am afraid I will not be working on the mural for a while. New Years eve I worked on the mural for 4-5 hrs, and today I got a few hours in, but not sure when I will find time again. Too bad because I have finally laid some paint down on the last panel. I could finish it in one long day or maybe two If I could just get there!!! Oh well. But here are some pics from the last two times I was out there!
In other Art news going on in my life, I have been featured in Studio Visit Magazine, who are part of the "Open Studios Press" who makes "New American Paintings", a periodical I enjoy, have subscribed to and applied to in the past. This is very exciting and hope someone takes notice. They have also chosen me for their Spring issue as well! I have also finished an oil painting lately, exciting because with all this muraling, I haven't been painting. I was able to finish it on New Years day, considering there is nothing open, and nothing to do most New Years Days! Perfect for painting and nursing hangovers... Well Thats it, nothing planned for the future right now, but working and trying to finish this never ending mural! HA!! Please leave comments and share this blog! Thank you, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!