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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dan Strombergs opening jan 2011 at pure beauty

Dan's Pure Beauty Opening! Jan 2011

Here are pics from Pure Beauty, Dan Stromberg's show of new drawings.

see his animation demo reel at chili!
Dan sold a few pieces,
quite a few respected fellow artists came thru. Helen Bayly, fellow Mural artist, recently was awarded with fellow artist, Bo Heimlich a mural in the Polk street mural project!!! Wow! She also was a co-muralist in the 180 ft long mural on market street. Such a talented girl. Alex Braubach, awsome artist, and co-curator at the Evergold Gallery.
Back to Dan, his drawings, when covered in glass sort of turn it into mirrors. so there is no reason to try to take pics of it for the blog. Therefore these are just crowd pics. Please go and see, and look at these extremly low priced pieces for all their glory, and maybe even buy one, price point, $2.50-$60.00! No Joke!! thanks you all for reading my blog, pass it along, and come to the shows at both Pure Beauty and Incline Gallery!
-Leanne, Da Fancie Mammal

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Free to Fail" new Drawings by Dan Stromberg at Pure Beauty

Proud to announce Dan Stromberg will be having all new work up at the Salon at Pure Beauty. 1560 haight street, haight at clayton, upstairs!

curated by me,
Leanne C. Miller da Fancie Mammal

Dan Stromberg's (AKA Chili Bean Paste Bucket) Statement about what this work represents to him.
" This work is not about reinventing the wheel.
I just wanted to draw from a gut level. A good dosage of failure will help acknowledge the merits of a success. Jump off a cliff. Seduced by an evil nectar into a bloody pulp. If you have ever felt the cathardic relief of just sayiny "Fuck it", then you are free. You are free to fail."
-Dan "Chili Bean" Stromberg