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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

making of a painting..first stages feb. 2010

I have started two new paintings dealing with the idea of "Infanticide" in nature regarding a mother cannibalizing their young. They are not done, but I thought I'd put the progression of a painting up on my site, demystifying the artists process, haha no...really...

Here is a close up of the "wallpaper" stencil I made. done with spray paint and painted around in pink enamel. As you can see from some of the pics I used blue painters tape to segregate some of the color streams.

The raccoon is fixed, me and Helen made it out there today. There were a bunch of other tags too, we got em all...hopefully there will be no more.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

music and art shows tonight 02/06/10

Hello all,
Tonight as always, there is a smorgusborg of things to do, there are two highlights in my eyes tho. Helen A. Bayly, the painter of great racoon and hawk etc.. on the mural I did with her at 6th and market, has a formal art show tonight at the new Driftwood gallery. You say drift what? well, it's new, The Driftwood gallery at 39 Isis Alley across the street from Rainbow Grocery... I believe it is from 7-10pm. I will be there for sure around 8pm, and you should too! Her work is amazing and evolves so rapidly, just when you thought her work was reaching a crux, she shoots higher. The paintings she has in the works are so amazing, but come see her finished works at Driftwood, please, you will not regret. She is a little like me, and Josh Keyes mixed together with her own awesome spin....Don't miss out!
Secondly, a buddy (Micheal Chominsky) here at the SF MOMA has a show, at KIMO's Tonight! Please see and check the Calendar. They go on at 9pm.. O.k., gotta go back to work..

Friday, February 5, 2010

SFAC Street smarts ETC...

I received a call from SFAC that I was accepted into the Street Smarts program! The only thing now, is they chose 19 artists for 10 mural sites, (like they did for Art in store fronts), and that means I may work on a mural this round, or next, which will hopefully be sooner than later! I will know more later sometime around the 12-18th of this month. I'm a bit on pins and needles, but I haven't even finished the Urban share mural yet at this step at a time!
For more info check out:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Look what they have done now, I;m getting pissed!! Its war now.
-Leanne da Fanciest mammal....or fiercest....