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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new blog, lets see if i actually use it

and if people actually read it.

I am an artist, and came here to find a blog i wanted to read and ended up doing this. I also did something today i have rarely ever done before, i jogged around the block. What an exciting day...I hope to be able to jog for 4 miles every day like my friend Bob.

But I wish for a lot of things, like working full time on my paintings and general artist lifestyle, going to openings, having my own, running a successful gallery, maybe helping people in the midst, like bringing art to schools that have cut out art in their curriculum to save money, booooo! But for now i am curating at Pure Beauty Salon on Haight st. for the new monthly Haight st. art walk. Also working at a museum, and reception at the above named salon. This month is an artist named Gina Contreras. She is a printmaker from SFAI, the college I graduated from. Her work is very professional and clean, heartfelt, delicate. Sort of like her personality, quiet, but full of detail and content. Her work has a wall paper pattern aestetic, with lovely and humerouse depictions of the elderly holding hands, or walking on the beach, in pastel or muted color.
Come check it out on friday may 29th, 1560 haight st, haight at clayton, 6-9pm. The Haight St art walk has the stores doing sales and discounts for that night only, some free gifts and of course art, there are even bands!!!!!!!!!!!!